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Sewing Projects For This Week

I have a few sewing projects that need to be prioritised this week.  The first project is to finish some baby girl bandana bibs for my niece, I am going to make some out of the rainbow fabric that is pictured below.  My niece Gracie was born in New York (USA) on 5th May 2017.  We have been so excited for her arrival because she is mine and Mr Sew's first niece.  I am keen to make her some clothes/baby hats too but I want them to be perfect so I need to start practicing.  Also I have this really awesome book '50 Fat Quarter Makes' and one of the makes shows you how to make a teddy bear so I might give that a go too.  

The next project that I need to finish this week is to repair my mum's bear.  This bear was given to my mum when she was a baby.  Over the weekend myself and Mr Sew went to a wedding and had to leave poor little Albert behind.  My parents kindly offered to look after him, but unfortunately they left out my mum's bear by his bed and he managed to chew a hole in it.  I was really surprised as he doesn't chew anything normally.  Anyway I have decided to re-stuff it as the stuffing is literally disintegrating, and I will patch him up.  Wish me luck with this one because I think it is going to take some patience!

Finally I need to carry on with my #mmmay17 pledge.  So in order to complete/finish at least 4 new me-made garments by the end of the month I need to start stitching.  I was planning on starting a new Tilly & The Buttons Mimi blouse, but unfortunately I realised this morning that I had run out of pattern tracing paper! So whilst I am waiting for my order I am going to complete a shift top out of the gorgeous Cotton & Steel Blue Balloons fabric.  The polka dot ponte roma fabric (from Sew Over It) will be made into a CoCo top from Tilly & the Buttons. The pink denim will be made into a Tilly & the Buttons Cleo, and the amazing Alice & Wonderland Cotton & Steel fabric will be a Mimi Blouse.  The fabulous Harriet from @hobblinghandmades made a Mimi Blouse from the same fabric but used a red cotton for the collar, it looks so good that I am going to use her idea, so us Harriets will have the same blouse :)

I have started documenting all my makes in my Sewing Journal, this has really helped me to stay organised.

All the fabrics have been washed and steamed so I am ready to start sewing in the morning...

What are everyone else's sewing plans for the week?  

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