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Jersey & Stretch Fabrics

A wide range of jerseys, ponte di roma, french terry, stretch cotton, scuba, stretch crepe, sweatshirting & sport jersey fabrics personally handpicked for your next sewing project.

Each listing will explain how much stretch the fabric has and whether it has a good recovery. Knit fabrics either have a 2 way stretch meaning it only stretches on the crossgrain (selvedge to selvedge) or a 4 way stretch meaning it stretches on the grain and across the grain. Your dressmaking pattern will state how much stretch your fabric needs to have.

Jersey is the most common type of knit fabric and is usually lightweight and has a lovely drape. They can be made out of viscose, polyester or cotton. 

Double knit fabric is good for those new to sewing with knit fabrics because it is more sturdy. It is essentially two layers of fabric knitted together with two sets of needles. Interlock knit fabric is a type of double knit fabric that has a smooth service on each side. Ponte di roma is a type of interlock jersey, it is thick and has a slight horizontal ribbed appearance to it.

French Terry has a soft looped back and is lighter and softer than traditional sweat shirting fabric.

Sweat-shirting fabric is often medium-heavy weight, it is also likely to have a fleece-back.

Stretch crepe is the result of highly twisted yarn with added spandex. This fabric is a woven fabric and has a slight texture to it. Perfect for trouser making.

Stretch cottons are a medium weight woven fabric and combine the breathability of cotton with the elasticity of elastane. You may also find stretch cotton twills, these fabrics have been woven to produce a fine diagonal or parallel ribbed pattern. This type of fabric is ideal for sewing trousers and dresses with a fitted bodice.

Scuba is a type of double knit fabric that is often made from polyester. It has a smooth texture and a lovely drape due to it being weighty. It is perfect for sewing a dress with a circle skirt, full circle skirt and trousers.

Jacquard fabric is a textured fabric that has patterns that have been woven into it rather than printed. Some jacquard fabrics will have added spandex which gives them a slight stretch.

Our stretch dressmaking fabrics are sold in 0.5m increments.

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