Emma's 30th Birthday Deer & Doe Bruyere Blouse

Hi everyone,

I started 2018 with the complete fear that the BIG 3-0 was fast approaching but it was approaching and I was going to have to just accept it. As with most things in life, I turned to sewing to take my mind off it and what better than a new project and an absolutely amazing fabric to do just that! I made my latest make for the Sunshine Bloggers with my birthday in mind so I wanted to make it extra special and I feel it certainly is!

This Mountain Dreamscape fabric is something else, (you know when websites says that the colours may not show as expected on the photos, then it arrives and it’s even better - this is one of those). The design is so bright and cheerful and so much better than the pictures could suggest. As with all the cottons that Sew Me Sunshine do, it’s super high quality. I usually worry with cottons with white backgrounds that I will have to wear a vest with it to protect my modesty but not with this.

Anyway, I decided to make the Deer and Doe Bruyére Blouse, with this amazing fabric, I hoped it would be a flattering shape and really showcase this fabric. I have seen quite a few people online make the Bruyere in plain fabric but as you can see, I decided to go slightly against this!

The pattern doesn’t go up to my size, so I made a toile in the largest size in a cheap fabric and it came nowhere near me. I sized all the pattern pieces up by an inch, which was really easy to do as I just followed the size lines upwards and I reduced the seam allowances around my bust as I didn’t want it to gape.

It’s a bit tricker on the construction than an ordinary shirt because it is in separate pieces but it’s well worth it for the amazing shaping it gives. As you can see, I didn’t even bother to try and pattern match; to be honest, I found it tricky enough to making sure that everything was facing the right way. I felt with a fabric like this, it would still look great without pattern matching everything. I did follow all the steps for a neat finish though, I stitched the French seams where they were suggested and finished everything the best that I could so that it felt really special. Here’s the beautiful insides as proof!

I wanted to make a sleeveless version of this and then I chickened out slightly as I’m not overly keen on my arms, which is the beauty of sewing, right? I decided to making a cap sleeve, just to add a little comfort for me. For anyone who is interested- I do this by cutting 2 pieces of fabric from the top of the sleeve and curving it off. I sew them right sides together along the curve, clip it, turn it right sides out and then treat it like a normal sleeve insertion.

The sleeve obviously does not meet the sides so I use bias binding to encase the raw edge of the arm hole and sleeve in one go, like this. It makes for a really neat finish. 

I am beyond happy with this make. I would like to give a big shout out to everyone who helped me decided on yellow buttonholes (I love you all because it meant 1. No button holes and 2. It looks fabulous!) I seriously don’t know how I ever made any button related decisions before I met my lovely sewing friends! I love the shape of the Bruyere on me (even if I do say myself!) and I can’t wait to wear it on my birthday. I’ll post more pictures when I do - though I don’t know where I’m going yet!

You can find Emma on instagram @emmaandhermachine.  Why not wish her a Happy Birthday?  Also you can follow Emma's sewing journey via her blog


  • I love the cut of this so much – it looks gorgeous on you!

  • This dress is so flattering on you. I’m definitely going to make one after seeing this. Totally agree about the pattern matching. With a pattern like this and all the seams I don’t think there’s any point at even attempting it!xx


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