Sustainability Policy

What are we doing at Sew Me Sunshine in order to be a more sustainable sewing business?

  • We are committed to sourcing fabrics that are GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified from our suppliers
  • When sourcing fabrics we are looking to stock more natural fibres such as linen, and fabrics that are deemed more eco-friendly such as those containing TENCEL™ fibres and viscose containing LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibres
  • We also source deadstock fabric, these fabrics are ex-designer fabrics from well known high street stores and designer brands, and fabrics that are leftover from textile mills. Although sourcing deadstock is not the solution to the fast fashion industry it is positive that we are able to put them to good use rather than the fabrics being taken to landfill or burnt 
  • We a committed to sourcing nylon/polyester fabrics that use recycled polyester/nylon fibres 
  • We ask the brands we source our stock from about the manufacturing process, and actively support fabric manufacturers who are open about how their fabric is produced, such as brands like Atelier Brunette
  • We have chosen to stock sewing threads from Gutermann that are made from 100% recycled polyester 
  • Fabric wholesale has a lot of waste, we recycle any packaging that we can by using the recycling facilities in the building that Sew Me Sunshine is based 
  • We sell fabric off cuts at a reduced price in order to prevent them going to waste 
  • Fabrics that are faulty that cannot be sold are recycled, we are using the business First Mile to do this 
  • All of our packaging that we use are recyclable and plastic free. We use kraft mail bags that are produced in the UK that can be popped into your normal recycling bin or you can pop them in with your compost and they will biodegrade in 3 months. These kraft paper bags are produced from sources that have been certified by the FSC. You can also re-use them as there is an extra seal on the mail bag. For larger orders we have sourced mail sacks that have been made out of sugarcane. These are produced from a bi-product of sugar cane, and grown on reclaimed waste land and therefore have no impact on the rainforest, they are also recyclable. You can read more about our packaging in this blog post
  • We include fun postcards in with your orders, we have changed them so that you can either choose to keep it for yourself or use it as an actual postcard and send it onto a friend. We have also added a section to the back of the fabric care card so that you can use these cards to organise your fabric stash and sewing projects 

How can I make my sewing more sustainable at home?

  • Recycle or reuse the packaging that your sunshine parcel arrives in 
  • Recycle or use the postcards that are included in with your order 
  • Use your scraps and off cuts for small projects such as making reusable face wipes
  • Refashion unloved items in your wardrobe instead of throwing them away
  • Mend any clothes instead of throwing them away 
  • Shop second-hand for ready to wear clothes, or attend clothing swaps. When buying clothes new look for items that contain more sustainable fibres and are GOTS or Oeko-Tex 100 certified 
  • Think about your garment care: do you really need to pop it in the washing machine or can you hand wash it, wash your clothes at 30 or 40 degrees and hang dry them rather than using a tumble dryer, use an eco-friendly detergent such as Ecover and lastly you could use a Cora Ball or Guppy Friend bag in order to reduce microplastic pollution