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Lyocell is a form of rayon that contains cellulose fibres that are made from wood pulp. Unlike viscose Lyocell is derived from wood pulp that is dissolved using an organic solvent. 

TENCEL™ is a brand name of lyocell that is produced by Lenzing AGTENCEL™ fibres are derived from sustainable wood sources. TENCEL™ fibre production is known to be environmentally responsible due to Lenzing's innovative closed loop production process where water and solvents are recycled.

Modal is a type of rayon, it is made by spinning cellulose that has been reconstituted from beech trees. Like Lyocell, Modal fibres can be registered by Lenzing AG with the brand name TENCEL™ modal, these fibres are produced using their eco soft technology, this technology offers chlorine free bleaching, has high recovery rates of process ingredients and causes very low air emissions.

Cupro is short for cuprammonium rayon, it is made from cotton production waste (cotton linter). It is often referenced as a sustainable fibre because it is a byproduct of the cotton industry, however, hazardous chemicals are required to manufacture cupro. Bemberg™ Cupro is a brand of cupro produced by Asahi Kasei. These fibres are manufactured using innovative technology and techniques that reduces the environmental impact.

To learn more about these sustainable fabrics check out our guide.

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