Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery Fabrics believe strongly in the quality of the fabric and that is transcended in their superior thread count and fine weave of their cotton fabrics. This makes their premium cotton as soft and smooth as you can get. You really feel the difference with just one touch! They work with a talented design team who create enticing colour palettes and artful, intricate prints that make their collections one of a kind. Art Gallery designs fabrics that keep up with ongoing trends and at the same time it encourages their customers to use new colours and patterns so they venture out of their usual comfort zone. 

Their cotton's are pima cotton's which means that they are lighter weight than traditional quilting weight cotton's and softer to touch making them perfect for dressmaking. 

Art Gallery Fabrics are printed in South Korea. The factories are Oeko-Tex certified and they abide by USA and international laws.

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