Ella's Grainline Studio Hemlock Dress using Cotton and Steel jersey

Whilst I love to 'sew frosting' - especially floral dresses - sometimes all you want is to be comfortable in cosy oversized tee - or even better a t-shirt dress. 

There's a few oversized tee patterns that we sewists love, not least of all because they are free and quick and simple to make. For example, if you're a regular listener of the Love to Sew podcast you'll have heard a lot of love for the Mandy Boat tee by Tessuti patterns - a free oversized jersey t-shirt pattern, which has been recently reissued with new sizing options. 

I was tempted by the Mandy Boat but I had also heard good things about the Hemlock Tee through a fellow Welsh sewist and thought I'd give it a whirl. The Hemlock Tee, by Grainline Studio is not a new pattern - having been gifted by designer Jen over five years ago. You can still get the Hemlock PDF pattern by signing up to the Grainline Studio newsletter.

After making a stripy version, I loved it. I'm a size 12-14 and the one size, drop sleeve pattern was just right for me and I was keen to make a dress version. Along came this gorgeous lilac posy Cotton + Steel jersey from Sew Me Sunshine and they were a match made in sewing heaven!

I'm a big fan of the range of Cotton + Steel jersey stocked by Harriet - such a lovely quality light to medium weight cotton jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastane) with a good amount of stretch (40% crosswise grain/40% lengthwise grain). 

The jersey I used was from the Moonrise range by Alexia Abegg, her last range for Cotton + Steel. 

To make the Hemlock tee into a dress was unsurprisingly extremely simple. I just extended the length by 10 inches, continuing the slight slope of the line. The print of Jersey was so pretty, a simple pattern was all that was needed, however I couldn't help but add a final detail. I have a stash of Harriet's awesome Albstoffe cuffs and used a navy and silver ruffle on the sleeves. Whilst I was going for cosy, I actually think this could pass for a 'frosting' make! What's your go-to cosy jersey dress pattern ? Let me know in the comments! 

Happy sewing!

Ella ✂️ (Find me on Instagram @Sewistella and on my Wordpress blog) 

I was provided this fabric free of charge in exchange I wrote this blog post. I chose the fabric, and chose what pattern to use. 

Find all cotton jerseys here.


  • Love this so much! Mandy boat tee is defo my favourite slouchy jersey top!

    Joy Margot
  • Lovely make and read Ella my go to now has to by Kyoto sweater 😘 x

  • Lovely blog Ella! My favourite has to be Tilly’s Freya 💕💕

  • Love love love this! My fav jersey dress is the Coco.


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