French Navy Calyer Pants in Stretch Tripe Crepe by Ella

If you're a fan of the Orla dress by Sarah from French Navy patterns, you'll want to try her latest PDF pattern. The trousers - named 'the Calyer pants' is a semi elasticated waist pattern and comes in two styles, a pleated and a flat front version, both of which sit just below the natural waist. 

I was excited to make this pattern for the blog for a few reasons - I loved the first version I made from cotton and lived in them on my recent holiday. I've been making quite a lot of patterned tops lately and needed a pair of plain trousers to create new outfits. When I saw the magenta crepe stocked in Sew Me Sunshine. I knew it was perfect ! I love the rich jewel bright pink colour and the weight, drape and quality of the crepe is perfect for trousers. 

The crepe washed so well and is pleasantly crease resistant. I cut a large Calyer as I had done with the cotton but in retrospect as the crepe has a nice stretch, I could have cut a smaller size. So the final result is a little more loose and slouchy than I'd intended. 

Described as for advanced beginner, I found the pattern straight forward, although I made an adjustment by adding the waistband separately and making it fully elastic. Although in retrospect I think the semi-elastic is much smarter. 

Equally wearable for lounging or at the office, Sarah says in her blog that pants have been her daily work/ life uniform since she designed the first version in early 2017 and now has a dozen pairs. Although I'm only on my second pair, I agree that the trousers has the ability to look smart and comfortable and that will of course, be influenced by the type of fabric used. 

I think the best aspect of this pattern is the versatility. Fabric recommendations are light to medium weight wovens, with or without stretch, preferably with drape, also medium weight knits. As a result, I would recommend trying a pair of Calyer pants in a pretty cotton lawn for lounging in the house or on the beach, or a pair of cool linen Calyer's for warm summer days. For a smart version you could use a stretch cotton sateen or a needlecord. 

Whichever fabric you use to style your Calyer's, you won't be disappointed. Why not browse the Instagram hashtag #thecalyerpants to check out other sewists versions.  

Happy sewing! Ella aka @Sewistella

(The trousers are photographed worn with a Nina Lee Piccadilly Pyjamas top hack made with Dear Stella galaxy cotton.)

Ella chose to use the triple stretch crepe for her sew me sunshine blog project.  Ella was gifted the fabric and in return wrote a blog post for sew me sunshine.


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  • These look amazing Ella!! Smart + comfy is the ideal work trouser, I think I’m going to make a pair in the blue stretch crepe!

  • Wow! These look so comfy. I want a pair!


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