Finished Sew Over It circle skirt for #MMMay17

The first time I attempted to make a circle skirt was during my introduction to dressmaking course that I did at @sewoverit in Clapham.  This was a tiring but amazing weekend with likeminded people.  The teacher was so kind and patient with us all as we all struggled at different bits.  Unfortunately for my circle skirt my fabric was incredibly thin, slippy (the pins literally kept falling out), and it was fraying everywhere.  I had bought the fabric online so I probably would not have chosen it in person.  But after a lot of persistence (and nearly a few tears) I managed to finish the skirt.  Although the skirt is wearable, I pretty much hate it as I can see all the flaws.  I will be wearing it for the #MMMay17 challenge as hopefully that will help me to love it a bit more.

Anyway after that slight disaster I vowed that I would complete another circle skirt in a better fabric.  I have been massively putting it off as I was worried that I would encounter the same problems, but for my pledge for #MMMay17 I promised that I would complete/finish at least 4 new items so I thought it was the perfect time to give it a go.

I got this beautiful 100% cotton fabric with a bold pineapple print.  I decided to choose a print that was non directional due to the circle skirt pattern.  The circle skirt pattern is from @sewoverit.  I hate my knees, and therefore only wear midi skirts, so I lengthened the pattern in order to achieve a midi look.  

I spent one evening this week (when Mr Sew took Albert off to a local pub quiz) pinning and cutting my fabric out.  I prefer to cut fabric out when Albert is not around because then I don't have to worry about muddy paw prints on the fabric.  The next morning I got up full of motivation to get the skirt finished.  I took my time pressing and sewing away.  I managed to successfully get the zip in and I decided on a pearl snap for the top of the skirt.  I forgot how long it takes to press and hem a circle skirt, it felt like it was never going to end.  I was over the moon with the finished result and have been twirling around in it ever since.  

I am a super perfectionist, and have noticed a few things I would like to improve on with my 3rd circle skirt:

1. The Hem- I probably should have been a bit more patient, and I should have sewn it a bit higher
2. The Zip- Although I am really proud of my zip, it could be A LOT neater, so next time I insert a zip I hope I manage to do it a little bit better
3. The Waist Band- Again I am really proud of the waist band, but I did manage to miss a tiny bit of the waist band whilst sewing, not enough to unpick, but next time I will be extra vigilant whilst sewing it

So now I need it to be more sunny so I can wear it outside without tights, and I need to decide on my next fabric for my 3rd circle skirt attempt.  

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