Jenny's Durban Jumpsuit in Pale Blue Washed Cotton

jennys megan nielsen durban jumpsuit in pale blue washed cotton fabric

Jenny's Durban Jumpsuit in Pale Blue Washed Cotton

When I first saw the Durban jumpsuit pattern from Megan Nielsen I knew instantly that it would fit into my wardrobe and pair so well with lots of my favourite tops. The version that specifically caught my eye was this one:

megan nielsen durban jumpsuit


I really love it sewn up in a classic light blue, which is why I chose to make it in our pale blue washed cotton, it's lighter than denim and has a texture like linen which makes it the ideal fabric for wearing in the summer. 

 megan nielsen durban jumpsuit

I made the version B which is V neck, sleeveless and wide leg and as you can see from these photos I hadn't yet hemmed them. Occasionally I like to wear a garment to decide on length before hemming it - I've now hemmed these to sit just above the ankle. 

I also opted for the in-seam pockets rather than patch pockets as that's my personal preference!

Ginger 15mm Cotton Button - Merchant and Mills

I paired the pale blue washed cotton with the Ginger cotton buttons from Merchant and Mills (pictured above)

I loved making this jumpsuit, and I also found it really helpful to follow along with Megan Nielsen's blog posts which have full sew-alongs and include extra tips and photos. 

durban jumpsuit megan nielsen washed cotton fabric

When we took these photos I'd been sitting at my desk all day and you can see how much this fabric creases - which I like as I think it gives it a linen-type look.

I really enjoyed sewing this Durban Jumpsuit and I'd really like to make it again in a denim, corduroy and even a twill for a drapier style. 

Thanks so much for reading! 

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