How to get your sewing motivation (sewjo) back

Half way through May I majorly lost my sewing mojo (sew-jo) because instagram decided to block my sewmesunshine account for no reason.  I tried to contact them multiple times but alas I have yet to hear back from them.  I was devastated because it took me so much to 'put myself out there' in the first place and to have it taken away so soon I automatically thought that this was just another thing I was failing at.  After lots of support and encouragement from Mr Sew we set up my new IG account and I got it all going again.  I also did a few other things that helped to re-start my sewing mojo, so if you are ever in the situation where you have lost your sew-jo perhaps these things might help you too.

1. Tidy your sewing space: So my sewing desk was a mess and I had to constantly move everything off to actually do any sewing.  Mr Sew went out and got me a bookshelf, I then went through all my sewing bits and bobs and organised it all.  This has meant that whenever I feel like sewing I don't have to move everything first in order to sit down and do it 

2. Check out sewing blogs/vlogs: There are quite a few that I read/watch.  This has really helped me to get some inspiration and realise how passionate I am about sewing

3. Try out new patterns/techniques: I realised that I wasn't pushing myself enough, so I decided to try out some new patterns, and although I have found them tricky it has really boosted my confidence

4. Visit some haberdasheries: I think everyone would agree that buying fabric is one of the best bits about sewing.  Seeing different fabrics and thinking about different things they could become really helped encourage me to plug my sewing machine back in 

5. Complete some quick projects: I love sewing baby bandana bibs and dog/cat bandanas.  These are super quick to make.  Completing these simple projects provided me with instant sewing satisfaction 

6. Write down all the projects you would like to complete: Getting them down on paper has really helped me to stay focussed and motivated because I am really excited about all the different projects I have planned

My sewing mojo is definitely back and I hope it is here to stay but if it does start to linger I definitely will do some of the points I have noted down in this post.  What helps you stay motivated?

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