M7875 Nightwear in Ex Designer Deadstock Viscose by Jen Legg

I didn’t have a concrete plan when asked to write a blog for Sew Me Sunshine. As always I had a zillion ideas floating round my mind though. I looked through the well curated website and this amazing deadstock viscose print got my heart. Floral of course! I couldn’t believe how soft to the touch it feels when it arrived.

I had recently done a blog for the big 4 and in return I could choose 10 patterns. With the dark nights looming I loved the idea of luxurious pjs and this pattern (McCalls M7875 via The Fold Line) definitely fit the bill.

I was gifted 3 metres but I needed to add the contrast as it’s a ‘fabric hungry’ pattern. Letting a make evolve is something that’s really lovely to do. Getting those ‘light bulb’ moments makes it exciting and invested in the project. That’s the joy of being creative. To be honest I think the contrast gives it that extra something. As my sewing is progressing I love to challenge myself to try new skills and quilting was on my list. This pattern gave me the opportunity to try.
I used a quilting needle with my Husqvarna walking foot with to ensure my quilting lines were even. You could however drawer the lines with an eraser pen.
I opted not to use the piping as the fabric is a brushed viscose and it can be hard to cut and sew accurately. As you can see I kept double checking the pattern pieces for accuracy. I knew from experience it would stop me enjoying the process. If you wanted this option I recommend a stable fabric like quilting cotton or cotton.

I always have more than one project on the go. Do you? So I dipped in and out of this over the course of 3 weeks. I always procrastinate when I’m learning a new skill then I think afterwards why did I actually leave it that long! The process was really enjoyable and because I backed the quilting with the original fabric I could press the edges around so it does actually look like piping. A very happy accident.
I absolutely love the result. I know there’s always the debate on spending so long making nightwear as who is going to see it. I sew for me and how it makes me feel and I definitely hit my brief they feel luxurious to wear. I hope I’ve inspired you to make some especially for the pj days over the Christmas holidays.

The viscose fabric that Jen used for her blog post is now sold out, but you can find all our ex-designer deadstock fabrics here, and we stock lots of viscose dressmaking fabrics which you can find here.

You can see Jen's sewing makes on her instagram page @jenlegg_teescreastives.

*Jen was provided the fabric of her choice free of charge for her blog post & also provided with a £50 voucher *

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