Hacked Republique Du Chiffon Marthe Blouse made with Rifle Paper Co cotton lawn by Maddie

Hello fellow Sunshiners!

I’m here today to tell you all about this adorable little dress that I can’t stop wearing! One of my favourite vintage styles of dresses is the Babydoll dress, see the pic below for a true vintage example.



So cute right? Anyway, when Harriet sent me the fabric below I knew that the only thing it would be suitable for is a Babydoll style dress. Now before you say it, I know that the dress I made isn’t a true replica of a Babydoll dress but it is definitely inspired.

When I got the fabric it was SO much more stunning in real life, the gold on the fabric actually shimmers and really gives this fabric a touch of luxury that every seamstress wants right? For those who don’t know this fabric is one designed by the famous Rifle Paper Co - or shall I say infamous Rifle Paper Co for stealing all my money….

It also comes in this colourway -

Anyway, once I had decided on the pattern that would suit the fabric, I got started! The pattern I used is a super old Marthe Blouse by République Du Chiffon, it’s been hacked so many times that it’s probably evolved into a new pattern in its entirety.

If you want something similar Harriet stocks this pattern which is very close):

And so, I hit my sewing machine and …. drumroll please…. It’s DONE. It was such a pleasure to sew up, the fabric is gorgeous to handle and irons like a dream. I feel like 6 year old Maddie would be overjoyed to wear this dress, because who doesn’t want to wear a butterfly dress? 

Another reason I love this dress is the illustration of the butterflies themselves, they almost look like something you would find in a Victorian book all about insects, which the vintage lover in me adores! During my time of sewing I was contemplating adding a contrasting fabric to the dress to make it a bit more creative, however as soon as I added the fabric I knew it was the wrong decision - this fabric is best left on it’s own. 


Since making this dress I have washed it at least 5 times, worn it to a photoshoot, a festival and even to New York, and it’s held its beauty like a trooper, I was a bit worried that the gold of the butterfly might come off in the wash but so far there is no sign of it budging (yay).


I am so enamoured by this dress in fact that I scoured Harriet’s site for more fabric that I can use to make a whole collection of these dresses.

But to be honest, most of Harriet’s fabrics will be gorgeous in this style dress as it’s a style that really lets the fabric sing and all of Harriet’s fabrics, in my opinion, deserve a time in the spotlight.

Anyway… farewell my fellow sewists, hope you enjoyed the read -

Maddie (aka Thimble Bee)

***As a member of the Sew Me Sunshine blogger team, the fabric for this project was sent to me free of charge. I chose which pattern I wanted to make and all opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.***

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