Meet the team : Celia!

What does a day look like for you at Sew Me Sunshine?

I am the office manager at Sunshine HQ, so I get in, open up, and catch up with everyone and what they've been up to. I take all the photographs of fabric and make sure the colours and patterns are as close a match as possible (as best as I can). From here, I create listings and social media posts and generally get people jazzed about sewing at home! 

What got you into sewing?

When I was 13, we didn't have a school uniform but we did have a dress code and part of that was wearing a long, plain skirt. I started making my own and then started a mini business making them for other people at school. My mum has always made lots of things, so I grew up around a lot of making and creating and she taught me to sew. 

Celia has THE best collection of vintage patterns we've ever seen.

What's your best piece of advice for other sewists out there?

Don't let the fabric suggestions on a sewing pattern get in the way of your sewing dreams. I always say you can make pretty much anything out of anything. 

What's your favourite things to do when you're not sewing? 

Going on adventures with my dog, Bert, going to the theatre, cooking for my pals. 

The famous Bert - a very good boy. He gives cosy hugs and loves foraging and wild swimming (aka eating old sandwiches and sitting in puddles).

Where do you get inspiration from for your projects? 

I get a lot of inspiration from fancy high end fashion, instagram posts, and my pals. I also have an enormous number of vintage patterns and I get a lot of inspiration from them.  Mostly though, I have a made idea and then work out how to make it a thing. I rarely plan anything. 

What's on your list of things to make? 

I have about a million things on my "to make" list, but currently I want to make a hooded quilted jacket, a waistcoat, a waterproof boilersuit, and a long coat. Mainly things to keep me warm because I am always cold.

Some of Celia's pattern plans (Left clockwise) : Merchant and Mills September coatNew Craft House Everyday waistcoatGrainline Studio Tamarack jacket; and the Nina Lee Bakerloo blouse and dress

Celia's most recent make was an excellent pair of Modern Sewing Co. Worker trousers in our ginger ventana twill - they look great! She's also planning a new Bakerloo blouse - a favourite here in Sunshine HQ.

Pictured here : Robert Kaufman Ventana Twill - Ginger; Modern Sewing Co. Worker trousers; Green Khaki Pumpkin organic cotton by Mind the Maker and the Bakerloo blouse by Nina Lee Patterns.

💫 Thank you so much to Celia for answering all of my questions and being such an inspiration! 💫

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