Meet Sewing Sunshine's December Winners Sam from @purplesewingcloud & Paige from @paigejoannaa and their By Hand London Hannah Dresses in Deadstock Rayon

Sam (@purplesewingcloud) & Paige (@paigejoannaa) decided to make twinning By Hand London Hannah Dresses in some of our deadstock fabric back in December. I love seeing friendships that have developed through a common love of sewing. Sam & Paige met during a photoshoot for Tilly & The Buttons new book Make It Simple and they have been friends ever since (p.s. who else is super excited for the new book?!)

The fabric that they used to make their BHL Hannah dresses is now sold out, but I have managed to source some of the purple colourway from Italy:

Every month I pick someone who has shared a make on their social media using fabric from Sew Me Sunshine and used the hashtag #sewingsunshine. I love following this hashtag as I get so inspired by all of your amazing makes. The monthly winner receives a £20 e-voucher, and gets featured on Sew Me Sunshine's blog so that we can all get to know the winner(s) a little bit more. I couldn't choose between Paige & Sam's Hannah dresses so they have both won December's #sewingsunshine prize, so I will now hand over them so we get to learn a bit more about them...

First up is Sam...

Quick Fire Questions:

Pins or Weights: weights
Scissors or Rotary Cutter: rotary cutter
Cut or Trace: cut
Favourite sewing tool: chaco liner pen, it’s the best for marking fabric
Your machine: Janome dks100
What do you listen to/watch when you sew: true crime podcasts, I’m a huge murderino!

Longer Questions:

When did you start dressmaking and why did you start?
When I was a little I helped make my dance costumes. Then I started again in 2016 to help me recover after a severe illness.

Who inspires you with your dressmaking?
So many people, the @cutonepair girls are always full of inspiration and I love following the pattern hashtags and seeing everyone’s versions

What is your favourite fabric to work with and why?
I’m a big fan on denim, it’s super versatile for dresses or dungarees, comes in a huge selection of weights, and colours. Plus it’s a great for beginners.

What is your all time favourite dressmaking pattern and why?
It’s forever changing but I have a deep love for the Tilly and the button patterns, there’s something for everyone!

Pick one fabric from Sew Me Sunshine and tell us what you would sew with it:
I love the ventana twills, perfect for dungarees and pinafores.

Now over to Paige...

Quick Fire Questions:

Pins or Weights: Pins
Scissors or Rotary Cutter: Scissors
Cut or Trace: Cut
Favourite sewing tool: Un-picker and embroidery foot
Your machine: Bernina Cast Iron 707 (retro)!
What do you listen to/watch when you sew: I listen to folk music or happy pop music.

Longer Questions:

When did you start dressmaking and why did you start?
I started dressmaking when I was about 14. I got a work experience position working with a family friend in dressmakers as I was always interested in sewing thanks to my Nan. My Nan taught me how to sew when I was much younger but it was at the age of 14 I learned how to use dress patterns properly and make my own clothes. This was alongside taking Fashion & Textiles at College as an NVQ. I went on to study Fashion in College at 16 and it's always been something I loved doing. I made my own prom dress at 16 and my Mums 5 bridesmaid dresses a few years later. It's something I find so cathartic when I finish making something. 

Who inspires you with your dressmaking?
I'm really inspired by the sewing community on Instagram. I only really got involved in it last year in 2019, after mainly focusing on my art & crafts. Although I learned to sew much younger I took a bit of a hiatus from sewing. After working with Tilly and the Buttons on a photo shoot last summer I felt really inspired to get back on my sewing machine again. 

What is your favourite fabric to work with and why?
At the moment I love cotton lawn and rayon, they're super soft and good for sewing dresses. I am still finding my feet with dressmaking again so they have been lovely fabrics for me to practice on. 

What is your all-time favourite dressmaking pattern and why? 
I may be a little bit biased (as I modelled for this pattern last year) but I LOVE the Tilly and the Buttons Indigo smock dress. It's what inspired me to sew again because the design is so comfy, easy to sew yet really feminine and flattering. I like that depending on what fabric you make it in it can be a casual everyday dress or even look great as a smart casual dress too. 

Pick one fabric from Sew Me Sunshine and tell us what you would sew with it:
I would love the new Daydream Rayon by Ruby Star Society to make a maxi dress for summer. One with lots of frills and a real statement piece that would be gorgeous for a summer holiday. Either that or a maxi skirt with different tiers but full so you could twirl around in it. 

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