Helen Closet Winslow Pants by Rudy

Does anyone remember the Magic School bus? Where the teachers outfit changed to go with what they would learn that day? This weekend, before snow-mageddon took hold of the country I was supposed to be going for a weekend guide trip to the sealife centre. We were going to sleep in the shark tunnel and it was going to be a whale of a time..see what I did there! Then it snowed! Needless to say it's cancelled now but I just have to show you my awesome Winslow Culottes that I made for the trip so that I could be Miss Frizzle!

I made these Winslows by Helens Closet out of the most gorgeous Cotton and Steel cotton. I've not made cotton Winslows before only several crepe pairs and this has given them a whole new beautiful shape to them.

Due to the cotton having more structure to it I made a small change to the pair I normally make.  I sewed the box pleats together for about 1 inch at the front and put a bar track across where the stress would be.  

The pattern is brilliant with very few pieces and obviously pockets are a win! My tip would be to mark your front and back pieces, some how I ended up with a left leg that was two front pieces and a right leg that was two back pieces, so I had to unpick everything and put them back the way they should have been. I think this is the first pair I've actually done the waist band correctly too (out of 3 pairs I've made!) As normally I'm too excited to wear them and just bodge it but I made a conscious effort to finish everything properly this time and I'm so glad I did!

These are going to be brilliant when the weather gets warmer. I have longed for shorts for some time that allows me to have my legs out but not be uncomfortable. These are going to be sufficiently floaty as well to allow air and not make me too hot! Shame I made them for the coldest weekend of the year... Oops! 

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  • I loooove the rainbow finish of your seams. Such a pretty pants! Well done


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