Samantha's Closet Core Patterns Pietra Shorts in Corduroy

I visited the Sew Me Sunshine stall at the stitch festival and fell in love with this needle cord, I said it be perfect for some shorts and Harriet kindly gifted me some in exchange for a blog post.

Just after this things got a little intense, I got a date for some major surgery and all my sewing plans got thrown out of the window. The recovery has been quite long and a bit grisly. I’m now feeling more normal and getting back into the sewing room.

I’ve sewn a few other things but I’ve avoided sewing these shorts like the plague, since the surgery my body shape has changed and the idea of fitting something around my new tummy filled me with dread. I finally put on my big girl pants and got sewing.

The baby cord is a beautiful light weight and has a slight stretch that makes it perfect for shorts, You might think a cord would be too thick or too warm for shorts but it’s the perfect weight because it’s a lot thinner than a normal corduroy and lighter than a denim. I choose the pietra pattern by closet core patterns, this fabric would also be perfect for the trouser version in the cooler months. Sew Me Sunshine has a wide range of corduroys and denims with stretch in stock which would be perfect for this pattern.

The pietras have a high waist and a cool slanted pocket feature. The front is finished with a facing for a smooth finish and the back is elasticated so there’s plenty of breathing room and the slight stretch in the fabric gives them extra comfort. No zips or buttons make them perfect for beginners too. They are great to sew together and the instructions are very clear as always with closet core patterns. 

Then it got to the fitting part and this is were it got tricky for me. I made them to my measurements and got them all basted together, they fit ok but there was a lot of weirdness over my tummy and crotch due to the scar from my surgery. I consulted my fitting books and the closet core patterns pants fitting guide but couldn’t find what I needed to help me make the right adjustments. I put them in the corner of the sewing room for a few days in frustration and anger that my body wasn’t the same and had changed so much.

I searched a few places online but had no luck so I asked on my Instagram page if anyone could help me with some fitting books or places to find fitting advice. A few people contacted me with advice and they asked me about my fitting problem. These people took the time to help and  asked me to send the photos to see if they knew the adjustment I needed to do, Lisa (@tinieststitcher) who works for sew me sunshine even took the time to send me photos of her books, scour the internet and send me YouTube videos that would help me.

The sewing community truly astounds me everyday with is compassion for others, friendly voices and openness to make changes for improvement without hesitation. I’ve learnt so much making this little pair of shorts ... my body has changed shape but it’s stronger than ever, to be brave because I can conquer my fitting fears, it’s ok not to know something because it means I’ve got room to learn and grow, most of all I’ve learnt the sewing community and my sewing friends are there and will gladly help without judgment. We all love helping each other and it’s what the sewing community does best!

Extras - T-shirt is the Tabitha for Tilly and the buttons book - make it simple

Necklace is sew dainty 

And label is from Paige Joanna

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