Sew A Liberty Party Hat With Us!

What better way to help us celebrate our 6th birthday than to make a party hat with us! 

Here are all the supplies you will need:

● 25x35cm piece of fabric and felt
● Piece of ribbon to determine your hat height (ours was 14cm)
● A4 piece of paper
● 40cm of ric rac we used a small and large ric rac
● Optional Pom Pom
● Pen
● Thread

  • Determine how high you would like your party hat to be, we used some ribbon 14 cm in length.
  • Fold your piece of paper in half and using a pin to hold your ribbon in place in the top corner of the paper
  • Move your ribbon along the paper and mark the curve of your hat with your pen. Once you reach the edge of the paper draw a straight line to mark the seam of your hat.
  • Cut it out and you have your hat template.
  • We used some felt to stabilise our hat, lay both pieces of fabric on top of each other and cut them out.
  • We will now treat these as one piece of fabric, sew all around the edges with a zig zag stitch.
  • We attached our ric rac before sewing the side seam to make it easier to attach.
  • Fold your hat in half right sides together and sew using a 5mm seam allowance.
  • Turn though to the right side and attach some ribbon or elastic to either side to keep in place on your head.
  • Attach pom pom if desired.
Ta Dah! You’re ready to party !

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