Sewing Betty for the London Colour Walk

To start with I am really sorry I haven't posted in a while. There are a few reasons for not blogging, one being that I have been super busy getting lots of beautiful fabrics for all you lovely people to buy from the site once we go live.  We are hoping to be up and running in August and we will be doing a little giveaway & there will be a discount code to use to celebrate our opening, so make sure you sign up to the newsletter.  Another reason is that I badly sprained my ankle the other week and this has meant I have been unable to sew properly :(.

I am part of an amazing community of ladies who celebrate colour, creativeness, kindness, encouragement and adventure.  The community believes in living a creative life, surrounded by lots of boss ladies.  Please check out the incolourful company instagram page & facebook page for more information.  Toni Bee is the face behind the community and she is doing an amazing job.  In colourful company has really provided me with the encouragement to follow my sewing dreams and to have faith in my ideas.  One of the many things that happens at incolourful company are colour walks.  These walks take place in lots of different places across the UK and there are some in different countries too (we are going to Disneyland next year!).  We all meet up wearing colourful clothes, take pictures/boomerangs whilst exploring a new area and then we end by sitting down and mingling with everyone.  I have been on 2 walks now, and I absolutely love them.  The latest walk I went to was in London at the beginning of the month.  I was super excited because I knew where I was taking Sew Me Sunshine and I couldn't wait to share this with the other creative ladies.  Prior to the walk I decided to sew something extra special to wear on the day.  I chose to use a fabric from my stash - Cotton & Steel Jubliee Makeup print- it is a 100% cotton fabric that has a blue background and is covered in brightly coloured objects that you would find in a makeup bag- lipsticks, mascaras, nail polish and so on.  Because the print was non directional and the fabric had a retro feel to it I thought I would make another Sew Over It Betty Dress.  

This was my second Betty Dress, and I made a few adjustments from the last time I made it.  I went down a size, and took more in at the straps.  This was also my 2nd invisible zip, and I have to say it went in like a dream (still not perfect but far better than my 1st attempt!).  To add an extra pop of colour I added pink bias binding around the neckline and arms which I think looks great.  I really enjoyed sewing it, until it came to hemming the circle skirt as it just felt like it was never going to end.  I really do love the Betty Dress pattern as it is so easy to follow (it is a great first time dress pattern) and it is so flattering to wear.  I already have in mind what fabric I am going to use for my next Betty Dress.

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