Sewing Gift Guide

This post contains lots of gift ideas that are perfect for anyone who loves dressmaking.

First up we have compiled some of our favourite sewing haberdashery and tools into handy kits. They are perfect for someone who is keen to update their sewing box or is new to dressmaking:

This is our Merchant & Mills Sewing Starter Kit

This is our Tailoring Kit

We also have lots of beautiful buttons in stock which are a perfect small gift.


If you know that someone is keen to try out sewing a pair of jeans you could treat them to one of the Kylie and the Machine Jeans Hardware Kits.

Another fun gift idea is to purchase a pack of fun sewing labels, we have a large range from Kylie and the Machine in stock, including their new range.

Fabric shears are a dressmaker's best friend. Buying a pair of new high quality shears is a great gift idea. We have a range of shears in stock from LDH including some high quality snips and pinking shears.

Perhaps you are looking for something a little bit different? If so, why not check out our brand new candle that was created specifically for a sewing space.

We also have some fun sewing themed jewellery in stock. Harriet our founder loves the scissor necklace.

Are you looking for an item to brighten up someone's sewing space? Then look no further because we have a range of sewing themed art prints in stock.

Don't forget that you could always gift some beautiful fabric or a dressmaking pattern. We always tie our fabrics up with a yellow satin ribbon and include our well loved postcards.

If you have left gifting to the last minute then don't panic, we have e-gift cards available!


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