Sweat-shirting and Jersey Fabric - differences and pattern suggestions

Ever wanted to know more about the different types of sweat-shirting and cosy jersey fabrics available, and how to pair them up with sewing patterns? Well we've created the perfect blog post and video for you!

You can watch the full video here and continue reading below:

Let's begin with sweat-shirting...
Sweat-shirting fabric is often medium-heavy weight, it is also likely to have a lovely and soft fleece-back but the front of the fabric is still nice and smooth. It's the perfect fabric to keep you nice and cosy and warm.
When the fabric is fleece-backed it tends to be a little bit heavier in weight, which makes it really good for garments such as sweatpants, sweatshirts or hoodies. It would be ideal for sewing patterns such as Hudson Pants, Neige Sweatshirt, Southbank Sweater and the Billie Sweatshirt and Dress.

Cosy Colours Mustard Yellow Multi Colour Fleck - Fleece Backed Jersey - Sew Me Sunshine

Next up is French Terry, which is also known as looped back jersey. French Terry has a soft looped back and is lighter and softer than traditional sweat shirting fabric, with a bit of drape. French Terry works for sweatshirts and sweatpants, with the difference being that the garments will not be as thick and cosy as clothes made in sweat-shirting as they do not have fleece on the reverse. This makes French Terry a versatile fabric as it can be worn into Spring and through Autumn. Sewing patterns that work well in French Terry would be the Linden Sweatshirt, the Talvikki Sweater as well as the patterns mentioned earlier under sweat-shirting fabric.

Burgundy - Organic Cotton French Terry - Sew Me Sunshine


Following on from those we have Ponte Di Roma fabric also known as a double knit or interlock jersey.
Ponte Di Roma is thicker than typical T-shirt weight jersey and has a slight horizontal ribbed appearance to it and has a smooth surface on each side. It's a really great fabric choice for those new to sewing with knit fabrics because it is more sturdy. It would be really good for a jumper, cardigan or sweatpants and would work well with the Arlo Jacket and the Juniper Cardigan sewing patterns.


Teal - Ponte Di Roma - Sew Me Sunshine


Now we're going to take a look at Jacquard Knits
Jacquard fabric is a textured fabric that has patterns that have been woven into it rather than printed, which is fantastic as it means they won't wear out. It is a similar weight to Ponte Di Roma which makes it nice and thick and stable which makes it a great fabric for jumpers. The main difference to Ponte fabric is that the reverse of jacquard knit fabric is plain.


Star Gazer Yellow, Green & Red - Jacquard Jersey - Sew Me Sunshine


Ribbed knits are lighter in weight and have a lovely drape to them, they have the classic rib texture and are extremely stretchy. They work best with sewing patterns and garments that don't require structure such as a lightweight cardigan or a loose fitting jumper.


Sky Blue - Soft Ribbed Knit - Sew Me Sunshine


Next up is the lovely Soft Knit fabric, it can also be known as True Knit and it is named this because it almost looks like it is hand-knitted. It has a lovely brushed back on the reverse which makes it nice and soft against the skin. It tends to be heavy in weight but please note on Sew Me Sunshine we will always list the type of weight and suitable patterns for each fabric. This fabric would pair perfectly with the Toaster Sweater and the Jarrah Sweater.


Denim Blue Melange - Soft Knit - Sew Me Sunshine


We hope you've enjoyed reading more about the different types of knit fabric there is available and hopefully you'll be inspired to stitch up something cosy!


Thanks for reading!


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