The joy of sewing little people clothes

Over the last month I have found such joy sewing baby clothes and accessories.  I have lots of friends either that have babies or expecting babies, and I have a lovely niece too.  I have really wanted to sew these little people something special so that they can look back when they are older and say 'Auntie Harriet made that for me'.  

First of all I have made quite a few baby bib bandanas.  I decided to go for a slightly larger size as they will be really useful when the child is teething & when they are toddler age.  The back of the bibs are organic bamboo cotton so it soaks up any dribbles, and the front is 100% cotton.  I have top stitched around the sides but left the top as I wanted it to be soft around the baby's necks.  I used poppers to secure the bandanas due to safety.  I loved making these & I am looking forward to sewing more.

For my niece I decided to try making some little girl clothes.  Now she is only 2 months old, but I wanted to sew her things that she will be able to wear for longer so opted for sizing of a 3-6month year old.  Again I do not have a little one and although I used to work with babies on a daily basis it is really hard to judge sizing by yourself.  I did a lot of research into sizing via the internet before drafting any patterns.  The first dress I made for her was out of fabric that was meant to have been a mimi blouse for myself but it did not go to plan, and the alice and wonderland fabric was too good to not use.  The dress is a simple pinafore style that is fully lined, and I added poppers to it.  I then decided to try and make a romper, I spent time online looking at different rompers for inspiration.  I decided to add binding around the armholes and use it as ties to keep it up, I also added elastic to the top to make a ruched effect, and elastic to the legs.  I later decided to unpick the elastic where the legs are and tighten it in order to enhance the ruched look (the picture of it below isn't a great photo as I realised in the post office just before posting it that I hadn't taken a photo, so the photo isn't straight at all- sorry!).  The romper is not lined, and due to not having an overlocker yet (my birthday is in July!) the inside does not look that pretty, but for my first romper I am pretty happy with it & plan to make some more for other little people.

I have really enjoyed making baby clothing/accessories because it makes me feel good to do a selfless sew and they are quick to make which brings me instant satisfaction.

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