Yarn Dyed Gingham Fabric Sewing Inspiration

We're passionate about sewing and dressmaking at Sew Me Sunshine. We have put together some sewing inspiration using our yarn dyed gingham fabrics. 


Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the seedpod of the cotton plant.

Characteristics of cotton fabrics:


  • Breathable 
  • Machine washable 
  • Soft against the skin
  • Hard wearing / Durable
  • Easy to sew with as it is a stable fabric


  • Wrinkles easily 
  • Prone to shrinking
  • More prone to fading 


Yarns are dyed specific colours before they are woven into a design, which means the design is part of the fabric and is not printed onto the fabric.


Gingham is also referred to as a Vichy Check. It is a check pattern formed with solid, transparent and light coloured squares on a white background.

Our gingham fabrics are made with 100% cotton. They are a dream to sew with and perfect for beginners, plus there are lots that you can sew with them.


Play with the direction of cutting - A gingham on the bias looks great. A stable cotton will create a different look to a drapey fabric - fuller and slightly more structured. You might want to line it for a skirt, but you can choose not to.

Soften Studio Clo Bias skirt in our plum gingham paired with Named Patterns Talvikki sweater in our plum coloured cotton sweatshirt.

You can experiment with cutting on the bias for panelled designs too! It works well for laying one fabric over the over, as its adds stability, such as in the bib design for this smock shirt.

The Modern Sewing Co. French smock in our buff gingham and Anna Allen Helene jeans in our black 11oz non stretch denim.

The same fabric in multiple colours makes patch working together an easier process - everything is the same weight and sews together nicely. You could go for 2 colours..

Friday Pattern Co. Davenport dress and Chalk and Notch Sun tote in our plum and teal gingham.

Or don’t limit yourself to 1 or 2 colours and pick all your faves! 🌈

Anna Allen Anthea blouse and Anna Allen Pomona shorts in steel blue, buff, leaf green and blush gingham.


Find all of our cotton fabrics here, and all of our gingham fabrics here.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, you can contact Team Sunshine at teamsunshine@sewmesunshine.co.uk

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