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Jersey Sewing Machine Needles x 5 - Prym

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Whether it's jersey, fabrics with elastane, or knitwear: These "Jersey" sewing machine needles are specially designed for the demands of all kinds of knitted goods and fabrics. Thanks to special needle geometry and the middle ball tip, the fibres are pushed to the side and not pierced during the sewing process. As a result, no fibre of the elastic material is damaged – this can also prevent pulled threads. The "Jersey" sewing machine needles are delightful thanks to their premium quality and can also be used in all conventional household sewing machines thanks to their flat shanks. This practical economy package contains five sewing machine needles in thicknesses 70 to 90.
    Sewing Machine Needle Size Fabric Type
    60 (8) very light weight fabrics
    70 (10) light weight fabrics
    80 (12) medium weight fabrics
     90 (14) medium weight - heavy weight fabrics
    100 (16) Heavy weight fabrics