Universal Standard Sewing Machine Needles 70-100 x 5 - Prym
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Universal Standard Sewing Machine Needles 70-100 x 5 - Prym

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Anyone who wishes to equip oneself for the whole machine sewing gamut will be perfectly served by these universal sewing machine needles. From fine silk to medium-duty cotton to firm corduroy fabric: These premium-quality sewing machine needles are suitable for virtually all natural and synthetic fabrics and are therefore ideal for basic equipment at the workplace. Thanks to its slightly rounded tip, the needle easily penetrates the fabric – the stable, carefully processed material ensures a long lifetime. Due to their flat shanks, these sewing machine needles fit any conventional sewing machine and are available in thicknesses 70 to 100.
    Sewing Machine Needle Size Fabric Type
    60 (8) silks, shear fabrics, chiffon, crepe de chine, organza (very light weight fabrics)
    70 (10) lining fabrics, cotton lawn, viscose challis (light weight fabrics)
    80 (12) cotton, viscose twill, linen blends (medium weight fabrics)
     90 (14) medium weight denim, canvas, linen (medium weight - heavy weight fabrics)
    100 (16) Heavy weight fabrics